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  • Highly practical

    The Hotto provides unprecedented convenience in the kitchen. ‘Waiting for the water to finally boil’ is firmly a thing of the past. Just imagine all the time you’ll save!

    Discover the convenience of Hotto.

  • Hot Drinks

    You know how it goes: you’ve got guests, you put the kettle on to make some tea, and you try to carry on your conversation from the kitchen.
    Not exactly ideal… But with the Hotto all you need to do is turn on the tap and you’ll already have your full pot of tea. No time wasted, enabling you to devote your full time and attention to your guests.

    Incidentally, did you know that when using kettles we nearly always boil more water than we need? Wasting not only water but also energy. What’s more, all the chalk that usually deposits itself in the kettle ultimately ends up in your tea or coffee cup.

  • Food preparation

    Our excessively busy lives mean that we often spend too little time preparing a nutritious meal.

    With the Hotto you can dramatically reduce the preparation time. Whether you wish to cook eggs, vegetables or spaghetti, simply turn on the tap and you’ll have boiling water straight away.

    Even peeling beetroot or skinning tomatoes will be done in no time at all: the Hotto will save you time and make preparing a meal much more straightforward.

  • Preparing a meal

    Discover new possibilities with the Hotto.

    Putting your potatoes, vegetables, rice or pasta on the hob with boiling water from your Hotto will save you time and energy.

    But did you know that the Hotto will also make it really easy for you to blanch vegetables? Thus preserving more vitamins and keeping vegetables nice and crunchy. With the Hotto you’ll be able to make couscous in 30 seconds, and a bottle for the baby will be ready in no time at all!

  • Hygiene & comfort

    Want to have a quick steam bath, get a hot-water bottle ready, or disinfect the baby bottle?

    From now on that will barely take any time or effort. Which is great, because life is already busy enough, especially with a baby.

    But with the Hotto even having a steam bath or getting a lovely hot-water bottle ready will be much quicker.