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  • Hotto puts the 3-in-1 tap within reach

    Until recently, 3-in-1 taps were extremely pricey: not just the tap itself, but also the expensive installation process that had to be carried out by a specialist company.

    Thanks to the Hotto, a tap that supplies boiling water is now available to an exceedingly wide-ranging audience. It is very reasonably priced, available in home improvement stores* and easy to install yourself: the Hotto will bring you unprecedented convenience in the kitchen and save you copious amounts of time. Just consider how much of a luxury that would be in view of how busy life is!

    * You’ll pay a single price for the total package, comprising a boiler, a tap and all the necessary connection accessories.

  • More than just a tap!

    One Hotto, many practical benefits.

    It goes without saying that first and foremost the Hotto will provide you with hot, cold and boiling water from the same tap. This will save you time – after all, never again will you have to wait for water to finally boil – as well as provide you with a great deal of convenience when preparing meals and drinks. An additional benefit is that your wobbly, clumsy, noisy kettle can be consigned to the bin. Thereby making the kitchen safer for children running around and saving a good deal of space on your work surface.

  • Safety first!

    Hot liquids can cause serious burns.

    You have to be careful with hot water, particularly if there are children around. And in the case of boiling water taking proper care can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Wobbly kettles with cables hanging around and simmering pans on the hob: children are oblivious to the danger and accidents happen in the blink of an eye.

    With the Hotto, not only will you dramatically cut boiling times but your boiling water will wait until you genuinely need it, stored safely in a thermally protected boiler.

    Every Hotto has a child-safe control button.

  • Energy-efficient

    Consuming less energy will benefit subsequent generations, and can also save us a lot of money in the process!

    Boilers aren’t generally sited right next to your kitchen tap. Which means that hot water first has to cover the long distance between boiler and tap. Consequently it always takes time for your water to reach the desired temperature. The Hotto will allow you to conjure up hot or boiling water straight from your kitchen cabinet. Thus saving on the cost of both water and energy. Making it really good for the environment as well as your wallet.

    Incidentally, you can switch off the boiler or set it to a lower maximum temperature at the touch of a button. Handy if you’re heading off on holiday or if you’re not intending to use the 100°C function for a while.

  • Easy to install yourself

    The Hotto has been designed in such a way that you can easily install it yourself.

    At Hotto we deem ‘complete user convenience’ extremely important. That’s why we designed the Hotto in such a way that nearly everyone will be able to install it himself/herself. The total package that the Hotto comes in comprises the tap, the boiler and all necessary connection accessories. It’s virtually impossible to get it wrong: there’s only one way in which the various parts can be assembled. You don’t need to drill any holes: you take your old tap out and put the new one in!